Our 2018 Cross Country Tour

Posted on January 11 2021

Our 2018 Cross Country Tour

Recently, I posted a survey on my instagram account asking, "How did you discover this brand?" Most of the answers said "Van's Warped Tour!" Thinking about all the amazing people I interacted with during this 2018 cross-country tour made my heart smile. I've been really remniscing on these memories lately, and I realized that this was certainly one of the highlights of my journey as a brand so far.

One of my 2021 new years resolutions is to post two blog updates a month! This is very exciting.

Anyways, in 2017 (and still to this day!) Britteny Rose, owner of super rad clothing company Mallgothtrash (check out their etsy!!!) and I were sharing a tent, and selling our designs at music festivals together. We realized that a nationwide tour was a mutual dream! We submitted our application as a clothing vendor for the touring music festival, Vans Warped Tour, and our alternative girl dreams came true. We packed up our entire inventory of orginal fashion pieces and hit the road to vend on our favorite music festival. This was the final year they did a full cross country tour, so it was a huge honor to be selected!

With the exception of Canada, we vended all of these dates! It was such an incredible experience. Here are some of my favorite photos from this trip! 


Vending in Utah!

In front of our awesome tent! Rocking a custom version of our high-low skirt in California and a sequin bandana<3

Mallgothtrash and I vending somewhere mid-tour.

We made time for fashion photo shoots in the midst of all the chaos and live music! Custom top and skirt by Cosmic Unicornz. Photo by Taylor Dillon.

Custom top and skirt by Cosmic Unicornz. Photo by Taylor Dillon. 

Long drives across Kansas!

Another awesome shot of our booth with our awesome assistant Colleen at our Massachusetts date!

With 2020 being mostly eventless, I've really had time to reflect on how awesome this trip was. Thanks for reading and looking! More posts to come.

xoxox Melissa


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