The Designer



Photo by Jenny Thompson


EVERY ONCE in 30,000,001,129 years, every solar system in all of the Niohsaf Galaxy align, and on that day, cosmic magic has been foretold to occur. On a planet called Glitter - named for its primary intergalactic export - in the kingdom of Sparkelopolis, a daughter was born to the King and Queen. Her name was Princess Melissaneonpinkimaginique... for short, they called her Melissa. And for many years, Melissa and her family lived in peace and harmony.

But, one day, on her 24th birthday, the planet was invaded by the Blandlandians. They sought to destroy all the beauty, peace, love, unity and rainbows on the planet. The Glitter people fought valiantly with their wands and pixie sticks (which means something different to them than they do to you and I️ now), but failed. Melissa barely escaped capture, riding out into the forbidden gem-filled fields of Suttononite on her golden-haired unicorn, Crystal.

Princess Melissa knew right then and there that she had to find help, but it would not be found in her homeland. There was only one thing she could do. She HAD to open the rainbow tunnel. It had been forbidden for centuries, and no one dared go near the sacred gemstone fields. 

So with all her courage, off her back she pulled the Mystical Skateboard of Thourmdat - the one key that could unlock the portal, which she had swiped before fleeing the palace. First with trepidation and then with growing courage, she began to skate along the treacherous terrain of gems. She cruised on the sharp edges and grinded on the edge of a deep ravine. She fell and injured herself more than once, but each time she got up and tried again, knowing that the fate of her future rested in no one’s hands but her own.

As she came into contact with each stone, the rubies, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite began to glow, until they finally connected in a swirling pattern of light that created a rainbow tunnel to another dimension. She knew it would not be open for long, so she had to skate through with the chance here and now. She tucked her long, pink ombré hair behind her ear, adjusted her holographic, flared skirt and and straightened her neon pink top. It was time.

With one final look back at her beautiful home, she skated through the tunnel into the bright, white, light.


Horns! Yelling! 

Melissa blinked, trying to adjust her eyes to the chaotic scene and dusty wind. For a moment she was frightened, thinking the portal must have accidentally dropped her in the midst of a Blandlandians battle. But, as her long, perfectly curled, silver eyelashes blinked, she realized that no, she was just in some faraway, foreign land... called Boston.

Many days passed, and Melissa found a home in this city. But as time passed, she realized an evil had already passed over the land... this world had already been taken over by the Blandlandians many years ago, but here, they were in disguise, and so far from home, no one recognized the princess. 

As time went on, Melissa was weakened without the constant Glitter energy that her homeland provided. Still, she persisted. With the help of some new friends, she discovered there were other sources that provided similar vitality: art festivals, electronic dance music and skateparks. To her surprise, the joyous people there were part of a secret resistance against the Blandlandians.

With an optimistic heart and tireless work ethic, Melissa joined forces with these muses and magicians. She began to spread her message, asking for others to join her side in secret messages communicated  through a language her people and its allies understood: fashion. She had been renowned in Sparkelopolis as the most stylish of the royals, but here in this place, her holographic, neon pink and completely original trousseau became a symbol to unite in peace and love against all things bland, apathetic and cruel.

This brings us to today. Princess Melissaneonpinkimaginique of Sparkelopolis on the planet Glitter in the Noihsaf Galaxy is calling upon you to join her cause. Collect her styles and show your own radical, revolutionary, unique selves - whether mermaid, pixie, unicorn or all three and then some - and become a force for peace, love, unity and all around awesomeness. Take a look around... the Rainbow Vortex is waiting for you.

Photo by Little Outdoor Giants and Jenny Thompson